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GBit Network

Putting our foot down for you: thanks to a super-fast Gigabyte backbone, your data gets through on time, even during periods of heavy usage. In addition, multiple redundancies guarantee a network availability of at least 99.99%.

99.99% Uptime

Our technology is really what sets us apart from other companies. We have our own datacenter, we build our own servers, we have our own nationwide fiber network, we build our own custom Linux kernel. In short, because we handle every aspect of your hosting you can feel confident that if there is a problem that you wonвt have to deal with 5 different companies to get your problem solved.

Reliable Hardware

The OCHost teams provide a human presence in the data centers 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, to guarantee that the servers are constantly maintained. In the event of a technical incident, they will react immediately to ensure that your server is repaired as quickly as possible. Some of the server ranges are also equipped with double power supplies and double network cards, so that the infrastructure is redundant from end to end.

Support Center

    Customer Review

    вThe OCHost helped me run multiple websites, and Game Servers! I Have Never Had any issues getting in contact with support during any emergencies.

    Matt , CEO MatDemaz.Com
    About The OCHost

    We Started back in 2005 with a single dedicated server, and was able to turn that into having multiple data centers full of our own servers, and eventually excel even past that, doing things we never imagined we would do. We currently are the best Web Host company Currently. We Offer 24/7 Support.

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